Stress Part #1

hpa-axis Its pretty crazy that I chose to post the first part to the stress series today because a few stressful events happened today. First I kept waking up in my sleep, so I didn’t get enough sleep. Then I was off to work (working at a job you dislike is always stressful). My Fiance have bi-weekly doctor appointments until our child gets here, and today was her appointment, but my boss wouldn’t let me leave a little early to take my fiance to the appointment on time. That stressed me out because this is my first child and we missed the last appointment. This also made my fiance mad, and since she is pregnant, her pregnant woman brain wouldn’t let her see that I’m not to blame, so she took it out on me. So yea.

My old-self would have allowed stress to get to me, and I would feel overwhelmed and not accomplish any daily goals, but I am trying my best to change and stay focused.

Enough about me and my problems. Lets get into the lesson. If you have any question, or if you can edify any point, please do.


“Hypothalamus?” Where they get these names from, right? The Hypothalamus is a piece of the brain that is located above the brain stem. The Hypothalamus duty is to connect the body’s nervous and endocrine systems. The connections  help the hypothalamus’ ability to discharge hormones into the body’s blood stream. When stressed, the hypothalamus discharge  hormones that awakens the body’s pituitary gland and initiates a stress response.


The Pituitary gland is located right under the hypothalamus. It’s purpose is to give off different hormones, namely Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (which stimulates the adrenal glands) to keep you inward parts (organs, blood flow, etc.) stable, but stress can throw this stability off.


The Adrenal Gland is located on top of the kidneys. It is mainly designed for dealing with stress hormones that are discharged into the blood stream when you are stressed. The major hormone released by the adrenal gland is Cortisol. Cortisol is a needed hormone, but too much of it can cause a few unwanted things, and tamper with a few other things like blood sugar. This is why before we talk about Diabetes, it is good we start with stress.

When stressed, you awaken the Hypothalamus, when the hypothalamus is awoke it awakens the Pituitary Gland, when the Pituitary gland is awoke it gives of the hormones that will awaken the Adrenal Glands….don’t awaken the adrenal glands <——– (That was my attempt at one of those Direct TV commercials)

Take care of yourself…