4BF2B307-04D8-4468-81A3-FEC5D40A90C1Hey world. I hope all is well with you and yours. It snowed pretty bad where I live, which kept me from going to work, so I decided to work on Simply Healed and publish an introductory post.

I would like to talk about Diabetes.

This will be a four part series:

Part 1. Human Anatomy
Part 2. What is diabetes
Part 3. What causes diabetes
Part 4. How to reverse diabetes

I am a person who believes, contrary to popular belief, that anything can be healed. Some people have checked me off as being stupid or crazy, but I don’t mind how they feel, or what they think of me.

I believe The Most High (God) has put everything we need on this earth to heal our bodies from the results of the things we put in our bodies that destroy it.

I don’t claim to be a health guru (nor do I want to be), but I care and have a passion, and those things have caused me to understand the human body more, and understand the things that contribute to either healing or destroying our body.

I hope you will take this journey of learning with me.


10 thoughts on “Diabetes

  1. Awesome! My Grandmother was a severe type 2 diabetic. She was on 3 oral meds and injected over a hundred units of insulin a day. She moved in with us, my mom was able to control her diet and exercise, and she was off her diabetic meds, including insulin, within 9 years. Lifestyle modifications work.

    • That is great news, and it is very encouraging and inspiring!

      I heard a guy say “Anything can be cured, but its going to take something that is hard for most of us….a lifestyle change.”

      Changing what you eat, adding more exercise to your life, and renewing your mindset. All those things help, but are easier said then done for most.

      That is wonderful news, Lauren. : )

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  4. I actually read a little bit about Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, and how it has cured lots of people from any blood sugar issues (incl. but not limited to diabetes!) Do some research on it! The coconut oil – cures lotsa stuff!!

    • You know, I think I ran across a picture on FaceBook that mentioned the benefits of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

      I will definitely look into it more. Its funny because my mom bought a jar of Extra Virgin Coconut Oil that is just sitting around, and when I ask her why she buy it if she never use it, she just say, “because its good to have just in case.”

      You know what – If you want, I will soon be making a post opening the door for guest post, so if you are willing, how about you share with us the knowledge you have Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

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